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Personality Of The Week
Personality Of The Week

Friday 13 August 20:00 Brentford v Arsenal Saturday 14 August 12:30 Man Utd v Leeds Burnley v Brighton Chelsea v Crystal Palace Everton v Southampton Leicester v Wolves Watford v Aston Villa 17:30 Norwich v Liverpool Sunday 15 August 14:00... (More)
How it ended

Joseph Chifamba

Dandaro: Who is Joseph? Where did he grow up and which schools did he attend?
Joseph: My name is Joseph Chifamba, born 14 July 1980. I did my primary education at Dombodzvuku School in Murewa. I did my ‘O’ Levels... (More)

Solomon Kembo

Dandaro: Who is Solomon, what is his totem and where does he live?
Solomon Kembo is a Community Organizer, who organizes local communities around open technology. My totem is Humba (Makombe). I stay in Harare, grew up in Chitungwiza and... (More)